Bulk stitching orders
Fill in this form if you need bulk stitching done
*please note that myTAILOR.IN does not have any tie up with any tailors,
and we do not undertake bulk stitching. 
we will connect you with tailors who provide bulk tailoring services. 
Please dont call us. we will call you if we find any tailor for your request.
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Terms and conditions *

Please note that myTAILOR.IN does not have any partnership with any tailors 
If we find tailors who are intrested in your order we will contact you with their details
Please DO NOT CALL us for tailors information. We will contact you.
A nominal fee of Rs. 200 will be charged for each tailor contact, which you need to pay when we find a tailor.
You dont need to pay now. We will contact you when we get tailors suitable for your order.
Rs.200 is non refundable fee.
If you agree for these terms click accept.
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